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Unveiling the Core Skills of a Digital Marketer:

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A career in digital marketing offers people to indulge in a wide range of concepts and ideas. A digital marketer should have optimal skills and knowledge to dive into depths of digital marketing. A professional in digital marketing learns a number of skills and tools to use in their professional life. 

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Today’s technology driven era has made it essential for people to learn digital marketing in these modern times. All the fundamentals and specific skills are taught in comprehensive courses of digital marketing. If you are an aspiring digital marketing professional, here are a few skills and tools that a digital marketer should be equipped with:

Data analysis:

Data analysis is an essential part of any business that has its online presence. A digital marketer has to involve them in the pool of data. The data could be collected from various sources including business websites, social media platforms, email marketing among others. 

Data collection and analysis is a skill that helps the business to make data driven decisions. Data-driven decision making is vital for a successful business plan. A digital marketing professional needs the skill of data analysis to get insights into how things are working on the internet.

Data from the website, social media platforms, emails and other digital campaigns will help to mould the marketing strategies that aligns with the interest of your target audience and that resonates with the goals of the business. 

A digital marketer might have to analyse consumer behaviour, website traffic, content reach and all these needs a professional to have appropriate skills. You not only have to focus on analysing the data but presenting it as well. 

Some of the tools that are used for digital analytics are:

  • Google analytics
  • Tableau
  • Sprout social
  • Google tag manager, among others.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is the process of optimising websites so they can be ranked higher on search engines. The websites are ranked based on the traffic they get from search engines. People visit the website if the content resonates with their needs and if the websites are user-friendly.

A website optimisation depends on various factors like location, language, technicalities and others. A digital marketing professional should be aware of SEO techniques that help a website to gain organic traffic. 

Some of the tools that an SEO specialist uses to optimise the website are:

  • Google analytics
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Trends
  • Yoast, among others

Content creation:

Content is a significant element of online marketing. If a business needs optimal visibility on the internet they make sure that their content is powerful in boosting their online presence. 

A digital marketer works closely with content marketers, content creators, content writers to ensure the distribution of the core message to the target audience. A digital marketer needs to develop skills that help them frame and comprehend content if not write the content. 

It is essential for a content marketer to develop understanding for content so they can guide the writing and creative team to produce content that aligns with various digital platform algorithms and the interests of the target audience. A basic understanding of content is enough for a digital marketer to plan the marketing strategies effectively.

Social media marketing:

Digital marketing heavily relies on social media platforms because it has maximum users that the business can target. As of January 2024, India has 460 million social media users out of which 366.85 million users are active on Facebook making it the most popular social media platform. 

With so many users, social media platforms are the most effective tool for digital marketing. Digital marketers should have knowledge about various social media channels used for marketing online. 

A comprehensive understanding of social media platforms will help digital marketers to develop strategies that align with the businesses’ short term and long term goals. Social media platforms are intriguing channels to target audiences and attract viewers and convert them into customers. 

Some of the prominent social media marketing tools are:

Meta business suite


Buffer, among others

Communication skills:

Communication skills are a soft skill that every professional needs to work on but it is a significant skill for a digital marketer because they have to work closely with other members of the teams. A digital marketer will be working with a marketing team, including sales executives, content creators, video editors, technical staff etc. 

A professional with effective communication skills can easily interact with others be it colleagues, superiors, clients, interns. A digital marketer will be communicating the findings of data analysis to others for which they need to have excellent communication skills to deliver the messages. They will also be giving inputs to develop new marketing strategies and evolve the existing ones and a clear communication will lead them to send their message effectively. 


Digital marketing is a vast field and a professional would need numerous skills that would help them grow professionally. A few significant skills include, creating content, SEO specialisation, social media marketing, digital analysis. 

You can get a comprehensive learning experience and develop required skills by enrolling in a digital marketing course. Apart from that, digital marketing is an ever evolving field and a professional needs to focus on continuous learning to keep up with the rapidly changing industry. 


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